SONY DSCI ended up having a free Friday night. I was considering what I could do then the thought popped into my head, Why don’t I go to Spencer village and continue on my task of reviewing every single stall there. For the uninitiated Spencer village is a food hall in thornlie that lays claim to some of the most authentic Singaporean/Malaysian food in Perth. After a short journey I arrived at Spencer village and started to think of where it would be that I would review next. The smell of slow roasted curries led me to a small cafe that is on the outskirts of the Spencer village building, Cafe Rasa Sayang.

SONY DSCI enter the small cafe and it is completely utilitarian, with tables with clear laminate table cloths that haven’t been changed in years and no details on the walls except for a tourist poster about how great a place Langkwai is. I was feeling confident at this stage as I know that some of my best meals have come from simple surroundings such as these.

SONY DSCI have a look to my right at the board of different menu options and I notice that biryani is listed on the list. Biryani is one of my favourite dishes of all time, Its a wonderfully aromatic mix of rice that has been slowly cooked with spices and tender chunks of meat. What i received after I placed my order with the very friendly wait staff was something different. Rather than the meat being cooked with the rice so the juices coat all the rice grains, this was just some flavored rice and the lamb curry I ordered was served on the side. I have to admit I prefer the Biryani where the rice has been mixed in with the meat. Now that I have got my thoughts on biryani’s off my chest i can get on to my thoughts on this dish. I thought it was alright. I didn’t mind the flavoured rice, The curry was some of the spiciest curry around with really tender chunks of lamb. I didn’t like the chinese vegetables that accompanied the biryani, they were served at room temperature and lacked any freshness or flavour. 6/10

I am glad that I have tried another place in my goal to try every stall at Spencer village but I probably won’t be back to Cafe Rasa Sayang, It’s not that there was anything particularly bad about it but its more the fact that personally for me there isn’t anything that will have me thinking about this meal in the days/weeks/years to come.

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