SONY DSCOn our way back from our Busselton adventure we had received a tip to try a place called Henry’s. Henry’s has been around in Bunbury for a long time and is a bit of an institution there. I was interested to see if it has been around for a while because they serve fantastic food or if its due to being in a convenient location, Henry’s sits right on the middle of the main street in Bunbury..

SONY DSCAs soon as we walked in felt something was slightly strange, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was but I could feel something strange was happening. A thought something strange was going on as well because as we sat down she said quietly to me “Are we in dome?” and as i looked around I realized that Henry’s must of previously been a dome cafe or they model their cafe to the letter against dome. Things like the the windows, chairs and counters were all identical to dome, it was really bizarre!

Thankfully the menu isn’t identical to dome, the menu has more in common with shopping centre cafes that the aforementioned chain. The menu includes things like Steak and salad, Meat pie and chips and various cakes and pastries. One thing that I liked about Henry’s which I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of was the fact that on each table is a piece of paper showing “this day in history” facts. This was really interesting to read and created some great conversation.

SONY DSCShortly after ordering our food from a very friendly older woman our food arrived. I had decided to go for the chicken Caesar wrap. When it arrived it was served with a small serving of chips. One thing that is weird about me is that whenever I order something that comes with a serve of chips I tend to eat the chips before I eat the main part of the meal (in this case the wrap). My reasoning behind that is that I would rather eat a lukewarm burger than lukewarm chips. Does anyone else do this or am I just strange? I felt that the chips were really crispy, I liked the wrap and I found that there was something comforting about it in a strange way. I mean flavour wise it wasn’t amazing but anything that is warm, toasted and filled with cheese has got to be tasty right?

SONY DSCA had ordered the club sandwich without bacon. Her thoughts on this were “It was a pretty tasty sandwich but there was nothing about it that made it worth the drive to Bunbury. Although I did think that the chips were tasty.”

While I was typing up my review I was thinking of what my opinion of Henry’s was. I thought that it was alright but there was nothing that made me think “man I can’t wait to go back there”. That being said I am sure that there are people that would love Henry’s.

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