SONY DSCThe Vasse is a little bit of a Busselton institution. Whenever I spoke to people prior to going on our trip to Busselton they always mentioned the Vasse, sometimes in a positive light and sometimes not so positive. When we arrived in Busselton A’s grandmother had already decided that she was going to take us to the Vasse one night for dinner.

Walking into the Vasse everything feels very familiar, the decor and layout of this restaurant is very much like a standard pub from dark wooden floorboards to the fact that you have to go up to the bar to order your food. From the previous points I kind of knew what I was getting into with the menu. Looking at the menu there does seem to be a lot of choices but most of the options are fairly standard pub choices, things like pizzas and steaks.

SONY DSCI decided to live life dangerously and order something that wasn’t a typical pub meal. I went for the seafood paella. The first thing that I noticed about this was the serving sizes, the serving sizes at the Vasse are very generous. I was glad that I didn’t order an entree when I saw the size of the main meal! Having said that this paella was pretty tasty and I was impressed at how well the seafood was cooked but ultimately it was a forgettable dish. The main reason that it was forgettable was that the flavours were fairly basic, it was just seafood, tomato sauce and rice.

SONY DSCA went for the chicken pie and her thoughts on this were “The pastry was beautifully cooked and was extremely filling. There was probably a few too many wedges on the plate but luckily S was around to poach them off my plate. The salad seemed fresh and was a nice addition to the meal.”

SONY DSCA’s grandmother went for the stella fish and chips. The fish is battered in a beer batter that they proudly use Stella Artois beer for and A’s grandmother orders this every time she goes to the Vasse. The two main points that she liked about the fish and chips were that they were served piping hot to the table and there is a generous serve of the chips.

While I may have been a little bit critical on my thoughts of my meal at the Vasse this doesn’t reflect on my thoughts on the Vasse as a whole. I think that where the Vasse excels is that it is an easy place to catch up with a large group of people as you don’t have to worry too much about what people like as the menu has something for everyone.

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