A while ago A had purchased a deal on one of the many deal sites around for two burgers and chips at a then unknown place in claremont called Bilbys. Months went by and we were coming closer and closer to the date of the voucher expiring. One Sunday the sun was shining bright so we used that opportunity to try out these burgers.

When we were driving there I assumed that the burgers would be somewhere near the centre of claremont however my GPS directed me to a non descriptive street away from the hustle and bustle of bayview terrace. Walking into bilbys the first thing I noticed was how Australian everything looks. There is a lot of jarrah and corrugated iron around that fits in very well with the bilbys name. Looking at the menu I was already planning my next trip with a “Native animals” section of the menu that includes things like crocodile and kangaroo.

IMAG0070While we were waiting for our meal I had a look around and i noticed that up against one wall there is a board which features signatures of famous Olympians.

IMAG0071After a short wait our burgers arrived, the burger that I chose was the “red eye” which is a steak that was marinated in red wine and then topped with a char grilled mushroom in a wholegrain burger. My first impressions were that the marinade made the steak very tender and added a lot of flavour to the burger. I thought that the mushroom would overpower the burger but as the texture is similar to the steak it added to the burger rather than clashed with it. Overall this was a really tasty burger.


A went for the day dreamer which was a grilled chicken breast that had been marinated with a blend of native herbs and spices and then served with bacon, cheese and avocado. Her opinion of this burger was “All the ingredients were very fresh, at first I thought that due to the size of the burger it would be hard to eat but as the pattie wasn’t toasted it wasn’t as hard to eat as I first thought. My only criticism about the burger is that the bun could have been fresher.

IMAG0073While we were part of the way through about burgers the two serves of chips arrived with our dips. The dips are freshly made at bilbys and really tasty. I had a feeling that the chips would be hot and i knew that as soon as i bite into it I would burn my mouth but the lure was too great so i dug in and yes i did burn my mouth! I did really enjoy the chips, I liked how crispy they were and. A’s thoughts on the chips were “The chips were really tasty and I liked the aioli.”

Bilbys is definitely a slice of australiana in a quiet street of suburbia. All touches like the corrugated iron to the minties that are served with every burger to the very Aussie sounding burger names all goes a little bit further to me feeling very patriotic. The next time that I am in claremont I will consider going to bilbys for another delicious burger.

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