SONY DSCI was at work sorting out numerous accounts (I work in finance for those that don’t know) When I received a message from A asking if I would like to go out to dinner. I said sure! She mentioned that there was one catch, the place that we are going to is a complete surprise! This was pretty exciting, we headed off that night and I still had no idea where we were going to.

SONY DSC SONY DSCWe headed north on the freeway and kept going, I was thinking in my head “I wonder where A is taking me to”. Eventually after a twenty minute drive we arrived at the Mindarie marina and she mentioned that we were going to the Indian Ocean Brewery. This was my first time going to the Mindarie Marina and I was fairly impressed with what i saw, it is a really relaxing place. As we walked into the Indian Ocean brewery I noticed that the relaxed vibe continued into the pub. This is a great place where the music isn’t too loud so you can really have a proper conversation with someone.


As we looked over the menu I noticed that they make a few different varieties of beer in house. Whenever there is the option to try something at the source I will take it up and it was no different with the choice of beer. I ended up going for the Britannia Best Bitter which was brewed in a similar way to a traditional English ale. I really liked it, I think that it suited the location perfectly. A traditional English ale while taking in the sea breeze was a perfect combination. A had a lemon, lime and bitters that she mentioned was very refreshing.

SONY DSCAfter a short wait our main meals arrived. I decided to go for something which you don’t see on many menus, the pork knuckle. This particular knuckle was slowly braised and then deep fried so you have this wonderful combination of textures, this was something that i really enjoyed. The crispy coating of the knuckle was absolutely fantastic. This was served with some mash and sauerkraut, I thought that the sides were tasty enough but I also found them to be quite rich. I would have preferred the pork knuckle to be served with something crisp and refreshing like a nice coleslaw.

SONY DSCA went for the Chicken and cashew salad which also had a delicious looking mango salsa. I asked A what she thought of her dish and she said “Really delicious and summery, sometimes a fruit based dressing can overpower a salad but this was the perfect amount”.

I thought that my dinner at the Indian Ocean Brewery was really nice but I did get the impression that this would be a better place to go to on a sunny weekend than on a cold and wintery night. Looking at the menu I would like to return and try some of their items on the grazing and pizza menu.

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