SONY DSCIt was a beautiful day and I didn’t have a huge amount planned so I decided to go out in search of some delicious food. As I was browsing around various social media sites I saw mention of a place called Spice Express which is in Myaree. On my way there I saw one twitter more people were praising the food of Spice Express. When I arrived in Myaree I noticed that it was closed. Well this put a dampener on things. Pondering what I should do I decided to call up one of my friends that lives nearby. I mentioned that I was near Spice Express and I was looking for some delicious food, he pointed me in the direction of Hong Kong Cuisine.

SONY DSCWalking into Hong Kong Cuisine it wasn’t the bustling food destination that I pictured, only about 4 tables were occupied in the restaurant. I have to admit that wasn’t the first thing that I noticed when I walked in, the first thing that I notices was that the decor is quite interesting. I found the faux cave decor of this restaurant fascinating, I wonder what look the owners were going for when they opened the restaurant. Maybe it could have been another kind of store before and when the owners opened the restaurant they kept the plastic walls there? It was all very confusing.

SONY DSC SONY DSCI thought that hopefully the food will save me from my confusion, looking at the menu there are about 20 different lunch special choices. Now my friend mentioned that the beef kway teow was the thing to get here, I trust Allen’s opinion so I went ahead and ordered. I enjoyed some tasty Chinese tea while I waited for my lunch to arrive. The first thing that I noticed when I tasted the dish was how tender the beef was, there must be some serious marinating going on with this beef. Upon reflection it was a pretty tasty plate of noodles with a really nice smokey flavour that all properly fried noodles have. If I had to nitpick I would say that there was probably a bit too much raw onion but as I was only paying $7.50 for lunch I kind of expected there to be a bit of onion going on with the dish.

If I was near Myaree I would definitely give Hong Kong Cuisine another try, there seemed to be some pretty interesting dishes that other people in the restaurant were eating that I wouldn’t mind trying.

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