SONY DSCFor our last meal in Bali we went to a place that L was dying to go to. It’s a small place called La favela. This is a place that has only been open for about two weeks and was recommended to her by someone that she works with. Looking for La favela is quite the challenge, snuggled between a surf shop and a restaurant the only indication that we could see is a small sign that was illuminated by light globes.

SONY DSCIMAG0188 IMAG0191 IMAG0193Once I entered I was amazed at the quality of the fit out. Visually this would be up there as one of the best restaurants that I have ¬†ever been to. La favela translates roughly to ‘the slums’ and the decor kind of explains that, it kind of looks like a old mansion that has been abandoned and has started to be overrun by nature. I remember throughout dinner just thinking that some serious thought and time to open.

SONY DSCWe started off with some very delicious cocktails as we looked over the menu.

SONY DSCWe decided to get something to start with and then a couple of sharing plates after that. Our starter was a baked Camembert served with joust baked bread. I probably don’t need to mention how great this was but it was fantastic. What I didn’t expect was a faint blue cheese flavour. While this was a very rich stater at the same time it was so delicious that we all couldn’t stop eating it!

SONY DSCWith the mains we had ordered a couple of different things. The first dish that we ordered was tuna tataki that was served with a green salad. This was probably my least favourite dish, the tuna was a little dry and lacked flavour and the salad didn’t taste fresh.

SONY DSCThe next dish to arrive was a green salad with Haloumi. This salad fared better than the last course but I still found the Haloumi to be a little but tough due to overcooking.

SONY DSCIn terms of presentation I didn’t love this dish as I kind of think that sauce smears are a bit of a fad that has since passed but there must be some talented chefs in the kitchen as this trout was cooked perfectly and accompanied the creamy sauce very well.

SONY DSCThe last course we received was a char grilled chicken. The chicken was so juicy and had a wonderful char grilled flavour! I also quite liked the vegetables that were served with the chicken.

A’s thoughts on dinner were “Absolutely fantastic, everything about this meal i enjoyed. It had a fantastic location, delicious food and great company. The service was fantastic also and you could tell that it was important to them to provide great service to encourage people to spread the word about this new restaurant. It was a beautiful location and I would definitely encourage people to visit and I also can’t wait to get back to Bali to return here myself.

Upon reflection I feel that this was a meal of highs and lows. Some of the meals like the grilled chicken were fantastic while I think they need to put a little bit of extra effort into some of the different courses such as the salad. While I was a little critical I think that the small issues with the restaurant could definitely be down to teething issues, I will definitely return to see what the food is like next time.