IMAG0816On Friday I had a bit of a day out running errands with my mum. It was a really nice day out with just the two of us. Around lunchtime we found ourselves near Myaree and trying to find somewhere to go for lunch. I don’t go to Myaree very often so I wasn’t sure what was good around there. Both my mum and I were feeling like Japanese so I had a little look on urbanspoon and there is a place with the strange name of Sundays Everyday that had a pretty high rating, we decided to see if this high rating was justified.

We arrived at about 12 on the dot at a nondescript place in Myaree. Walking in we were greeted with an absolutely packed cafe that had decor that was very reminscent of an aussie lunch bar. As we sipped our complentary tea there was actually another place that I was reminded of. Japanese food lovers might remember a place called Mr. Samurai? It was located near arirang on Barrack st in the city and had awesomely affordable Japanese food available.

IMAG0812We had a little entree of some salmon sushi rolls. While we both agreed that the rolls were pretty delicious but we probably didn’t need to order them as the size of the rice bowls was more than enough to fill us up for lunch.

IMAG0815 IMAG0814I was having a bit of trouble deciding what to have here as it all looked really delicious, looking around it seems that a lot of people had ordered the karaage which are small chicken nuggets served with steamed rice. I figured that as this was my first time here that I should order that as well. I was all ready to order that but when I got to the front of the line I saw a dish that I had to order “spicy beef tendon served with steamed rice”. I am a sucker for beef tendon so as soon as I saw that on the menu I knew that I had to have it. When the dish had arrived I knew I made the right decision and when I saw that there was an absolutely perfectly cooked poached egg on top i definitely knew that I had made the right choice. This dish was absolutely delicious, I loved the way that the egg broke to create it’s own sauce and I loved how tender and gelatenous the little peices of tendon were.

IMAG0813Mum went for the chicken teriyaki and she wasn’t quite as completmentary as I was, she mentioned that she thought it would have been nicer fresh (my dish was fresh but they grabbed her dish from the bain marie) and the chicken was a little bit too fatty.

In case you couldn’t guess from my review but I absolutely loved Sundays everyday. I loved that it was a cafe that it all about the food and all about delicious flavours. The only thing I feel a little bit bad about is that my mum had to put up with me raving about this place for the rest of the day. Go here now!!

Sundays Everyday on Urbanspoon