20140419_192936I have been a big fan of the burgers at grill’d for a while, personally I think that their steak sandwich (while being slightly pricey) is one of the better offerings that you can get in Perth and miles better than any of the fast food chains. Recently grill’d have got on board and joined the mini burger (otherwise known as sliders) craze with four of their own variations. I received an invitation to try out the new burgers and sides and see how they stack up to the delicious steak sandwich.


20140419_192527It was a beautiful Saturday night when A and I went down to Hillaries to enjoy the burgers. I really do enjoy the atmosphere of Hillaries on a Saturday or Sunday night, it’s incredibly vibrant with loads of families laughing and enjoying tasty food. Another thing that I noticed was the wallpaper in grill’d, it definitely appeals to my inner nerd and it has the added benefit of being something you can read if your date is boring (luckily spending time with A is never boring!).


20140419_193328First our sides arrived, the two new sides that grill’d offer are sweet potato fries with hot chilli mayo and a Asian coleslaw with coriander, mint and peanuts. I have long been a fan of sweet potato fries and these are no exception with the perfect amount of salt on them and a delicious hot chilli mayo that accompanies it, I would have to say that my only criticism is the price with the sweet potato fries being around four dollars more than the regular fries but that is a price that I am more than willing to pay. I really liked the freshness of the coleslaw, I would definitely order this again as I may be alone in my opinion but I love having something acidic as a side with my burger as I find that it helps cut a lot of the richness.


20140419_193322 20140419_193316With the sliders there are four new sliders that they have announced, they are;

Beef with mustard and pickle – When I ordered this they had run out of slider buns so they served it on half of a regular bun. In terms of flavour I felt that this tasted like a gourmet version of a McDonalds cheeseburger (which is a good thing).

Chicken with coleslaw – I didn’t mind the flavours of this burger but I felt that it was pretty dry. I felt that this burger would benefit greatly from some kind of sauce.

Chicken with wasabi mayo & Beef with wasabi mayo – I only had a bite of these ones as they were A’s and I couldn’t help but think that I would love to try this wasabi mayo on a regular sized grill’d burger.


A’s thoughts on the meal were “Loved the chips, thought that they were really tasty. I thought that the salad was really fresh and i enjoyed that the side was a healthier option. I probably wouldn’t order the two sliders that both came with wasabi mayo as the dressing was nice but it was quite strong. Overall I enjoyed it but I would stick with the standard burgers for next time. “


After our dinner A asked me “would you order the sliders or the sides again” and this is a completely personal choice but I probably wouldn’t order the sliders, I just found that they were missing any bold flavours and I prefer to have one big burger rather that two small ones. Saying that if you are an indecisive person then the sliders would be great (especially the 2 for $12 deal) as you can get a couple of different types of burgers for dinner. I would definitely order the sides again, I loved the flavours that were going on and I hope that they remain as regular menu items.


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